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BombShell Chelsea

When I first talked to Chelsea on the phone during her pre session consult, I knew we would have a lot of fun during her session!! She radiated confidence and empowerment more than anyone I had talked to!! She told me she was not a shy person and was down to try anything!! And I […]


February 6, 2023

BombShell Boudoir Babe

This babe came to me after struggling with fertility and struggling to gain weight. She wanted a way to celebrate her body and also wanted to celebrate that she had curves now! She said she has always been skinny and really hated it. She was happy when she finally started putting on some weight and […]


January 31, 2023

BombShell Boudoir Babe

The babe being featured today completed her session in July of 2022!! She booked this experience as a way to empower herself and as a gift for her husband. She even brought the shirt he wore on their wedding day and we threw it in for a few photos to personalize the experience to her […]


January 24, 2023

Boost Your Self Confidence with a BombShell Boudoir Session!

Boudoir photography can be a powerful and transformative experience for many women. It allows them to embrace their sensuality, celebrate their bodies, and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. However, it can also be intimidating and scary to step in front of the camera, especially if you are not feeling confident in yourself. […]


January 8, 2023

To Tan or Not to Tan for Your Boudoir Session

I get asked a lot of questions when it comes to prepping for a Boudoir Shoot, and one I want to talk about specifically is whether to tan or not to tan. I know it is winter time so this is a question I get asked more often this time of year. For me, the […]


December 28, 2022

Maternity BombShell Boudoir

I love photographing expecting mommas! I feel like I do not get to do it often enough. So I wanted to write a quick blog about it and share some images from a recent maternity session. You may or may not realize it, but Boudoir is about documenting you right now, in this stage of […]


December 21, 2022

BombShell Boudoir Featuring Kim

BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography is located near Louisville, KY. Today I am featuring a gorgeous red haired momma who had just turned 50! She completed her session in June of this year. After her divorce in 2015, she had not been in the dating world much. Sh recently started dating a man who […]


December 13, 2022

BombShell Babe Meredith

Today’s babe was referred to BombShell Boudoir by past clients! She is a Mom of 3 kiddos and was ready to not only do something for herself, but also feel sexy again. We all know how that sexiness can be all too forgotten when running kids to practices, games, school events, grocery shopping, cleaning, doing […]


November 29, 2022

Ellie’s BombShell Boudoir Experience

Ellie inquired with me at the end of 2021, booked her session, and then August quickly came and she slayyyyed!! She is a momma to 2 small kids and was ready for a day to pamper and love herself. I would normally say AND she was also ready to remind herself how sexy she is, […]


September 6, 2022

Kristin’s BombShell Boudoir Experience

BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography Located near Louisville, Kentucky This babe actually did a boudoir session with a different photographer a few years ago. She said she had a bad experience, which made her hesitant to book another. She’s followed my on instagram and my VIP Facebook group (click here to join- ladies only!) […]


August 30, 2022