What to Expect From a Couples Boudoir Session

Curious minds have been buzzing with questions about what unfolds behind the scenes of a Couples Boudoir Session, and we’re ready to dish out all the details!

First things first, let’s dispel any misconceptions: there’s no scandalous behavior happening here (cue the laughter). While the photos may exude a steamy vibe, the reality is quite the opposite. These sessions are all about creating captivating, sexy imagery, but rest assured, there’s no funny business going on. In fact, with all the posing and positioning, it’s more of a workout than a romantic rendezvous! Sure, there might be a playful grab or two from your partner, but then it’s back to holding those poses, and the sexy mood quickly dissipates.

Now, you might think it sounds a tad awkward, but trust us, it’s anything but! Couples have an absolute blast during these sessions. We’re constantly chatting, cracking jokes, and keeping the atmosphere light-hearted. It’s not uncommon to hear laughter echoing throughout the studio as couples marvel at the hilarity of the situation. “Can you believe we’re doing this?” and “Honey, did you remember to brush your teeth?” are just a couple of the quips we hear as we work our magic behind the lens.

Think of it as a totally harmless day of fun and excitement. We approach Couples Boudoir Sessions with the same professionalism and enthusiasm as any other boudoir shoot, with just one tiny difference: there’s a second person in the mix! You’ll still kick off your day bright and early at 9 AM for hair and makeup, just like any other session.

If your partner happens to be male, they’ve got options. They can either venture downstairs for a bite to eat or a coffee at the cafe, or they’re more than welcome to kick back and relax on the studio couch – whatever floats their boat!

For our female partners, they’re welcome to join in the glam session or simply unwind while they wait for you to get dolled up.

Here’s the scoop: during a Couples Session, it’s all about togetherness. While we will still snap a few solo shots, rest assured, you’ll be capturing 99% of your images as a dynamic duo. If you’re itching for more than a few solo portraits, we recommend scheduling a traditional boudoir experience first, then returning for Round #2 with your partner.

Now, when it comes to wardrobe, gentlemen, it’s on you to bring your A-game. We don’t provide wardrobe options for guys, but fear not – we’ve got a handy list of tips to ensure you look your best. Ladies, we’ve got you covered with lingerie options, but feel free to bring along any personal favorites to spice up your ensemble.

Just like a solo session, we will do a same day reveal!! So after holding all those crazy poses, you 2 can go have a lunch date together!! Then, you will return to the studio to look through all the magic we just created!!

With all the laughter, love, and maybe a few wardrobe changes thrown in, a Couples Boudoir Session is guaranteed to be an unforgettable adventure for you and your partner. So, who’s ready to make some magic together?

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