BombShell Babe

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?!

I was selected for the Tub Session Model Call. 

Were you nervous about your session? What helped to ease your nerves?

I wasn’t nervous about my session. I have done two other boudoir sessions in the past so I knew mostly what to expect. Each photographer is different of course. I will say my body for each of my sessions has been wildly different, and of course as most are, I’m entirely too hard on myself. I don’t have the body I had when I was 21, or when I was 28, and now I’m 32, I’ve had a child, my weight has fluctuated due to a number of factors including an autoimmune disorder. I’m learning to love my body and all that it’s carried me through in my life so far. 

What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience?

The empowerment you have after a boudoir session is always a high that’s unexplainable. Michelle doesn’t make you feel judged in anyway. The experience is a very comfortable one. Seeing the images she is able to capture is incredible because you can see yourself positively. Michelle doesn’t overly edit the images which I personally appreciate. It’s a welcoming, comfortable, empowering experience.

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?

I’m very happy about the experience and the images. Even though I answered a model call, I still purchased items and images and I’m very grateful to have been selected for the model call. Otherwise I’m not sure I wouldn’t convinced myself to get in front of a camera again given all the things I mentioned before. 

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others?

Michelle, clearly takes great pride in her art and business. That’s very evident through her work and client feedback. Given my images are able to be used for Michelle to grow her business, truly who would let someone they didn’t trust or respect take their photos in this manner and use for marketing, if you weren’t confident and comfortable with their ability. I have had other women speak highly of their experience so when the model call opened, I never expected to be selected but I figured what the heck, till the dice. 

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not?

Oh most definitely. As I’ve said before, What an experience……   This isn’t just a photograph session y‘all. It’s really an experience and an opportunity to invest in yourself. As women, as wives, as mommas, as single gals, whatever your season in life, when is the last time you invested in YOU! Today was the first time since becoming a mom two years ago I did something for myself and I’m not even the slightest bit disappointed. Except for maybe wishing I had chosen more photos……. 🫣😉  Lindsey Joy Sweeney the most amazing MUA EVER, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with several times now-makes you look like an absolute BABE.   Michelle Lee makes you feel at home…. In your own skin. The skin you have TODAY. Not when you lose 10 more pounds or when you have worked out for 6 months, today.   You’re beautiful today whatever your season in life. So if you’re on the fence, make the leap, build it into your budget and do something for you.   You absolutely will not regret the experience provided and the end results are pretty amazing too.  

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