I Photograph So Many Broken Women.

I photograph so many broken women.
Well, at least that’s what they come in believing about themselves.

They tell me about the great love story they wish they had, and about the “almost-maybes” they’ve lost along the way. They tell me about the missed opportunities that still haunt them–about all the ways they wish their life was different. They tell me about the woman they see staring back in the mirror, and about how tired they are of going round-and-round with her. They tell me about the mistakes they’ve made and the guilt they carry. They tell me about the people that broke their heart, disappointed them, forever altering what they now believe they deserve.

It’s funny–even in the midst of all that–I’ve never seen a broken woman. Instead I see a million little things that had to happen to make you the human standing before me–how if even one little thing had been different, you wouldn’t be prepared to walk the road being laid before you.

The thing is, sometimes we focus so much on what we’ve lost, that we miss the beauty of what we have left. And that, over time, chips away at the hope we have for our future. It weakens our resolve and dulls our spirit.

These sessions, among so many other things, are about finding refuge in your story—even if it’s never going to be whole or “perfect” again. We’ve gotta find a way to celebrate and value the pieces.

To find purpose in the fragments..

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