Concerned About Body Hair for Your Boudoir Session? Don’t Be!

Let’s start by debunking a common misconception: body hair is TOTALLY NORMAL, despite what mainstream media might imply. We all have it, some more than others, but at the end of the day, it’s just hair. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or pressured to remove it.

If you’re all about embracing your natural self, go for it! We’re here to support you and help you feel incredible, no matter your grooming preferences.

And when we say body hair, we mean ANYWHERE on your body, not just “down there.”

Now, if you do decide to remove some hair, here are some tips and tricks we can offer:

  1. Don’t Experiment Last Minute: Avoid trying a new hair removal method within 30 days of your session. Stick to your usual routine to prevent any unexpected reactions or skin irritations during your shoot. Red, bumpy skin is definitely not the vibe we’re going for.
  2. Shaving: Exfoliate, shave, moisturize – that’s the mantra. Unless your hair grows back lightning fast, we recommend shaving the day BEFORE your session. And don’t forget to use a fresh razor for the smoothest results!
  3. Waxing: Start waxing 3-4 months BEFORE your session and follow your esthetician’s recommended schedule. The more you wax, the finer and softer your hair will grow back. If you’re dealing with visible, dark hair below the surface, waxing can help lighten the appearance for your shoot.
  4. Sugaring: Similar to waxing, but with a sweeter twist. Begin a few months ahead and stick to your esthetician’s guidance.
  5. Laser Hair Removal: While it’s a game-changer, laser hair removal requires time and consistency. If your session is still a few months away and you’re committed to regular treatments, it could be a viable option.

And for those wondering about the best spots for hair removal services, here are a few of our favorites:

Blue Halo Med Spa, Jeeka Does It, & Shag Salon and Spa

Be sure to mention that we sent you their way!

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