What is Boudoir?

BombShell Boudoir

If you’ve been following BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography for any amount of time, then you’ve probably already noticed I talk a lot about the Client Experience and how I prep clients for their BombShell Boudoir session. But, I rarely actually explain what Boudoir is and what it means.

Boudoir is the French word for a woman’s bedroom. I never knew that until I started shooting boudoir!!

This is why when we think of Boudoir, we also think of a “sexy photoshoot.” Although most clients do choose to wear something “sexy” (lingerie, stockings, etc), a boudoir session does not always have to be done wearing something revealing. I have done many sessions with oversized sweaters and tall socks (and believe me, it was still sexy!!)

Personally, when I think of a Boudoir Photoshoot, I think of words like empowering, self love, confidence, and vulnerability.

There are women who book a BombShell session for their significant other (wedding gift, birthday present, anniversary gift, etc), it actually ends up being a gift for the ladies who book too! A BombShell Boudoir session is a sure way to lift you up, give you back your confidence, and even helps to empower you. It is also a great way to step outside of your comfort zone a little. Of course- the significant other always LOOOOVES the gift, but the babes who did the session- are the ones who feel the true transformation and self love.

Almost all of my clients tell me when they initially booked the BombShell Boudoir session, they were nervous and anxious. But, the day of their session- they always tell me how much fun they had and how they can not even believe they were nervous. Most even say they plan on doing another one!!

BombShell Boudoir has a way with women, and with cameras. I see clients in a way that, unfortunately, they rarely see themselves. It’s not magic – it is being willing to be vulnerable enough to put yourself out there to let someone show you a different side of yourself. Let me show you how beautiful you are.

You never know where that newfound confidence will take you! 

Are you ready for your BombShell Experience?!

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