What Do I Wear to My Boudoir Session?!

One of the most common questions I get when babes book a BombShell Boudoir session is, “What do I wear to my boudoir session?” One of my favorite perks (and my clients) about booking a session with BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography is my incredible Client Wardrobe I offer!!

My Client Wardrobe (which is included in your Boudoir Session Experience) contains sizes XS-5X, averaging a total of about 200 total pieces at the studio. I have a variety of styles available like bodysuits, 2 and 3 piece sets, corsets, robes, and bustiers. If you’re not sure what some of those things are (I get it, before I was a boudoir photographer I had NO IDEA what a bustier was), Google it! There are so many different styles and kinds of lingerie available out there. I try to include as many styles as possible to help flatter all body types as well as personalities and style! My client closet also includes heels!!

I am sure to keep the client wardrobe sanitary too! I not only request clients to bring thongs to wear underneath, I also use a special sanitizing detergent in the wash and I also use a highly concentrated soaking detergent before the wash!

Not sure about the Client Wardrobe? That’s totally okay! I actually provide all my clients with a Wardrobe prep guide before their session. This guide is filled with all the tips for shopping for your own lingerie to wear for your BombShell Boudoir session and even has a list of my favorite places to shop!

I will add that about 90% of women who do bring their own lingerie end up wearing an outfit or two from my client closet. After your hair and make up is complete, we will go over outfit choices together. We will look through anything you brought, as well as pick through my client closet for anything you may want to wear.

I really try to make a BombShell Boudoir session an easy, fun, empowering experience for all women. In order to do that, offering a client closet is definitely one of those things that makes it a lot easier on women to know they do not have to go out and shop for their own outfits! I will have what you need!

Check out BombShell Boudoir on Instagram for some of the amazing pieces I offer in my client closet. You can also join my VIP Ladies Only Group on Facebook to see lots more!

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