Things You Should NOT Bring to Your BombShell Boudoir Session

I get it. There are so many options out there when it comes to lingerie, props, and ideas. I always tell every client that each session is unique to YOU and what YOU are wanting out of the session. It can be as modest as you’d like or it can more of the black leather lingerie, and domenatrex as you want too. However, when it comes to what to bring and what not to bring to your BombShell session, I am sorta an expert. I have quickly discovered there is some stuff that works for boudoir sessions and there is also things that just don’t work. So, I am here to share those secrets with you and tell you what you shouldn’t bring to your BombShell session. Are you ready?!

  1. Baby Doll Outfits. While Baby Doll lingerie outfits are adorable and cute, they are not flattering to the body. These outfits are great to wear at home to feel sexy, but for Boudoir Sessions- I always encourage people to leave these pieces at home. There are much better, body flattering alternatives that you can bring- and don’t worry- this is ALL covered in detail in the PREP GUIDE I send all my clients!
  2. Wet Hair. I can say that I, myself, have never had this issue with clients. But always good to mention. Do not show up with wet hair!! Boudoir sessions are all about pampering you, but the hair and make up artist more than likely will not have a hair dryer with her. Just her curler!! Plus- drying your hair will cut into your shooting time. And we definitely do not want that!!
  3. Props/Costumes. Okay- Kinda. Bringing random props & costumes is not really my “style” of Boudoir photography. However- if its important to you- than I want to be able to incorporate it into your session. I just ask that you discuss it with me before hand. For example, I had a client ad her man loooooves Marvel. She discussed her outfit idea (she also had a shield) with me and we captured some pretty awesome photos for her man. But like I mentioned, this is not normally the BombShell Boudoir style.
  4. Outfits that are too big or too small. The Prep Guides I send my clients are super informative and this is one of the things it discusses. Bringing outfits or bras and panties that fit properly is key to capturing the best images. You will not like images if your panties are too tight and causing “spillage” over them or even lingerie that is too big and bulky and saggy. That will definitely not flatter your features!
  5. A boyfriend, friend, or someone else. Bringing someone else to your Boudoir Sessions is a no, no! It sounds like a good idea and you may even think it will help to calm your nerves having someone there that you know well, but to be honest- it doesn’t. In fact, it may even make you more nervous with someone watching. Plus- this day is all about YOU and I like to keep my focus on YOU and not your boyfriend/friend. So- leave them at home and come enjoy your session!

As always, I love sharing tips and tricks to Boudoir Sessions with you. Please feel free to join my Private VIP GROUP on Facebook to hear more!!

-Michelle lynn

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