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To Tan or Not to Tan for Your Boudoir Session

I get asked a lot of questions when it comes to prepping for a Boudoir Shoot, and one I want to talk about specifically is whether to tan or not to tan. I know it is winter time so this is a question I get asked more often this time of year. For me, the […]


December 28, 2022

Maternity BombShell Boudoir

I love photographing expecting mommas! I feel like I do not get to do it often enough. So I wanted to write a quick blog about it and share some images from a recent maternity session. You may or may not realize it, but Boudoir is about documenting you right now, in this stage of […]


December 21, 2022

BombShell Boudoir Featuring Kim

BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography is located near Louisville, KY. Today I am featuring a gorgeous red haired momma who had just turned 50! She completed her session in June of this year. After her divorce in 2015, she had not been in the dating world much. Sh recently started dating a man who […]


December 13, 2022

BombShell Boudoir Babe

BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography is located near Louisville, KY. Today’s babe on the blog came to me to celebrate her body in a little bit of a different way than most. Her and her husband had been trying to conceive and were planning on moving onto other options (like IVF). She wanted to […]


December 11, 2022

BombShell Boudoir

Todays babe that I am featuring on the blog will be shared anonymously! Which means- lots of booty shots!!! She booked her BombShell Boudoir experience to gift an album to her fiance on their wedding day!!! I just LOOOOVE that!! I can only imagine his reaction when he saw these photos of his soon to […]


July 20, 2022

BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography

BombShell Boudoir- Katelin

BombShell Boudoir is located near Louisville, KY. I love that Babes come in the studio feeling so nervous, unsure, and question if they will even like their photos. They LOVE my other images of other Babes, but just can not picture themselves looking as sexy and beautiful as those other Babes. As the session starts, […]


March 9, 2022