Maternity BombShell Boudoir

I love photographing expecting mommas! I feel like I do not get to do it often enough. So I wanted to write a quick blog about it and share some images from a recent maternity session.

You may or may not realize it, but Boudoir is about documenting you right now, in this stage of life, whatever that may look like. What better way to document your pregnancy journey, then by a BombShell boudoir session!? Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and a moment when you feel so strong and powerful and I promise, a moment you’ll want to treasure forever.

Maternity Boudoir Sessions are just like any other Boudoir Session, with the exception of not doing certain poses that may be too difficult with a pregnant belly. I always want the mommas and their growing babes to stay safe and healthy – so we will only do poses that are safe and comfortable for both! We do a lot of laying on bed poses, standing poses, and we are mainly focusing on that growing baby bump but also mommas gorgeous glow!! The only thing that is different is we do a little more “smiling” photos during a maternity boudoir session.

Of course, I have several options in my Client Wardrobe that work for Maternity Boudoir, but oftentimes my Maternity clients bring a few things to wear just in case. 

You can wear lingerie, like our long sleeve lace pieces, or do a simple bralette/panty duo. And of course I LOVE maternity nudes!! This is a great chance to make some gorgeous black and white art of your body during this unique time. Let us capture the new curves you have, they make amazing wall art pieces (and can be 100% family-friendly). Or you can put on a long beautiful robe, we have several at the studio you can borrow. 

You will look amazing no matter what! I promise you it will be an experience you won’t forget and you will have photos of your pregnancy journey that will last forever. 

Here is a look into a Maternity Boudoir session I did recently! This was actually this babes 2ND session with me!! I just LOVED being able to capture her sexy side before her pregnancy and NOW, during her pregnancy!!

Hair and Makeup by Lindsey Sweeney with Sweet Southern Beauty.

Isn’t maternity boudoir just a magical and so beautiful thing?!

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