I Know It Seems Like All I Do Is Show You How Good Your Booty Looks..

I know that, from the outside, it often looks like what I do is show you how great your booty looks in a pair of fishnets.

But the work I’m most proud of (and is arguably the most important), is in helping you find an unshakeable assurance in yourself. I want you to know who you are, and what you bring to the table–without feeling a need to shrink or water yourself down for anyone else’s comfortability. I want to help you see that who you are isn’t your greatest weakness, but your fiercest strength.

This will oftentimes be the deciding factor in what you tolerate, what you are willing to walk away from, and what you chase after with your whole heart— sometimes, it all comes down to how much confidence you have in what you really deserve.

Don’t ever give someone else the power to break you down or rob you of your willingness to show up for the life you were meant to live–

—because you only get one.

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