BombShell Boudoir’s Favorite Lingerie

When it comes to your boudoir session, shopping for lingerie can be a little, intimidating. Especially if you do not usually wear lingerie or maybe you do not own ANY at all!!

Before a session with me, I send my clients a lingerie guide to help them find the perfect pieces! It is filled with all the tips and tricks to styling your session and has the places where I purchase lingerie from. I also provide a client closet in sizes small to 5XL with over 300 pieces. So if you are someone who just hates shopping for yourself, no worries! There is something in my client closet for everyone.

Here are a few pieces that my clients love the most and where I got them from! These are in no particular order either!!


Yes, I find lots of amazing, affordable, unique pieces on Amazon. I actually have a link with some of the favorites that are in my client closet.

Michelle’s Favorite Lingerie From Amazon!!


If you are looking for cheap lingerie- this is where you’ll find it. I do order some stuff from Shein every now and then. Just keep in mind, it does not last. LOL. I think after one or 2 washes, most of the things I have purchased have been done for.

Shein- Lingerie for Women

Victoria’s Secret

I am sure you already knew this one. But recently I have been loving some of the new pieces VS has to offer!! They are really starting to offer more variety for lingerie choices and the quality is something that will last. They have several strappy outfits that my clients LOVE!! Plus- you can sometimes find pieces for a good deal when they are running salees.

Victoria’s Secret Lingerie

Honey Birdette

Okay, if you follow me or know me at all… you know I have a slight obsession with Honey Birdette. They are a higher end, luxury lingerie company so be prepared to drop some $$$. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT!! The quality is top notch, the designs are *chefs kiss*, and once you buy your first outfit- you will see why I am obsessed. They are always coming out with new pieces and even having bathing suits! My client closet is full of HB pieces!!

Honey Birdette- MY FAV!!

I could go on and on. So I am just going to add the part of my lingerie guide that shows the list of places I buy lingerie form!

I hope this helps you when looking for lingerie whether it is for your own boudoir session or for your own personal reasons!! I would love to hear which places you bought items from and LOVED!!!

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