BombShell Babe- Niccole

As you know, each client has their own reason for booking a boudoir session. This client is no different. She had started a weight loss journey that she was dedicated to. With her anniversary coming up, she knew she wanted to gift her husband something unique and sexy!! So she began searching the internet and my website popped up (Yay!!!) She followed my social media for a little while before booking. But once she finally booked- she was SO glad she did! Because HOLY SMOKES!! Her images are SO freaking good!!!!!!! She prepaid for her collection so she was able to take advantage of bonuses! Of course the WET SET was one of her choices and the SHEET SET was her other!! Are you all ready to see this HEAT?!

But you already know….we gotta hear what she had to say about her session FIRST. And then you can see what I am talking about!!

Q: What made you want to book a BombShell Boudoir Experience?! What was your reason for booking?

A: I had gone through a weight loss journey and finally found myself again. I was very proud of how I was looking and feeling…I felt like I started to get my sexy back! I wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary and give him something unique, fun and spicy versus the stereotypical nice dinner out with a card and a random gift he mentioned a few months prior. So I started the Google search and it led me to your page in the top searches and I viewed your website and then your Instagram page. I was completely blown away by these incredibly beautiful women who looked absolutely sensual and stunning! Then what started off as doing something for my husband, quickly turned to wanting to do this for ME! 

Q: Were you nervous about your session? What helped ease your nerves?

A: For sure! You helped ease a lot of nerves from the initial phone call by being so informative and letting me know what to expect. As confident as I had been feeling about myself and seeing the other photos, I just wanted to look as good as the others! When I arrived, you made me immediately comfortable with talking to me like I would be chatting with a girlfriend. The mimosa was a nice touch as well! From there, it all became easy. I thought coming out for the first pictures in lingerie, it would get awkward again, but it did not at all! 

Q: What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience? 

A: The results! When I went in to review/select the photos, I was completely shocked at how they turned out. I couldn’t believe that was me…I looked hot as hell and walked out of there feeling hot as hell!!! The way you capture the lighting and position everything from hands to hair to the tips of the toes, translates into photos that are just jaw-dropping. The quality of the pictures and collections to select from are fabulous! 

Q: How do you feel now that you have completed your session? 

A: Amazing! I love how my photos turned out and my husband was so WOW’d! He keeps one of my pictures as his backdrop on his phone…(no face, just my body) and the comments of Damn and the extra glances are priceless!!! I am so happy I went through it and look forward to getting back in the studio, hopefully sooner than later! 

Q: What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others? 

A: Quality, quality, quality!!!  Angles, lighting, creativity….every photo you take is stunning. Your photos have an incredible ability to reveal emotion and show the beauty of a woman.

Q: Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not? 

A: Without a doubt! I have recommended several and will continue to do so. The confidence you will get from the results is greater than any gift you can receive. Do this ladies!!! You won’t regret it!!! 

See what I mean?!?!?!? SMOKE SHOW!!!!!!!

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