BombShell Boudoir Babe

The babe being featured today completed her session in July of 2022!! She booked this experience as a way to empower herself and as a gift for her husband. She even brought the shirt he wore on their wedding day and we threw it in for a few photos to personalize the experience to her and him! Of course, she also added the wet set!!!

Since she signed an anonymous release, be prepared for lots of booty shots!!!

Here’s what this babe had to say about her boudoir experience-

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! 

Michelle came highly recommend with several outstanding reviews. After following her Instagram and Facebook accounts and seeing her work I knew she was the perfect fit. Her body of work is stunning and I love the care and attention she puts into catering the session to her clients strengths. This clearly comes across in her photos and made me confident that she could do the same for me.

Were you nervous about your session? What helped to ease your nerves?

I was very nervous about my session, but all the coaching and pre-session tips that Michelle provides as part of the experience went a long way in helping me with a lot of those issues. There’s still obviously something apprehensive about being in front of a stranger in lingerie, but Michelle makes you feel like you have been friends with her forever and has a way of putting you at ease.

What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience?

The whole process was amazing though I must say that my favorite part was seeing how well Michelle did with coaching. I am not usually comfortable with being photographed (especially not in so little clothing 🤣) and I was pleasantly shocked to see the images Michelle was able to capture. It was hard to believe that the person in the photos was really me and that gave me a boost of confidence I didn’t realize that I needed. I will be forever grateful and always recommend Michelle to anyone who is considering a boudoir shoot.

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?

I have more confidence in myself after seeing what I am capable of. It was way more fun that I thought and I am absolutely in love with my images. I’m kinda sad that I didn’t get a bigger package, but there’s always next time 😉

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others? 

Other than her amazing images as I’ve mentioned above, I loved that hair, makeup and wardrobe were included in Michelle’s packages. It took so much stress off to know that everything I needed was included.

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not?

YES! One thousand times yes. It was so much fun and a huge confidence boost. Additionally, Michelle makes the whole process way less stressful and produces amazing results.

Hair and Makeup by Lindsey Sweeney!

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