BombShell Babe Meredith

Today’s babe was referred to BombShell Boudoir by past clients! She is a Mom of 3 kiddos and was ready to not only do something for herself, but also feel sexy again. We all know how that sexiness can be all too forgotten when running kids to practices, games, school events, grocery shopping, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. A BombShell Boudoir session is exactly what she needed to feel that sexiness again. And she added on the Wet Set…..HOLY SMOKES…..Just see for yourself!!

BUT FIRST- let’s hear what she had to say about her BombShell experience!!

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?!

I chose Bombshell Boudoir because of Michelle’s amazing work. I was added to her Facebook page and instantly fell in love with her images and poses. Plus I had friends that used her and spoke highly of Michelle! 

Were you nervous about your session? What helped to ease your nerves?

I was definitely nervous for my session, but those quickly faded as I reached the top of the stairs and was greeted by Michelle. As soon as I started talking to her it felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. She gave me a mimosa and I was ready to get started. 

What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience?

Honestly I couldn’t pick a favorite thing. The whole experience was new to me and all around amazing! The day was about me (which doesn’t happen often because I’m a mom of 3). Haha I got to bring my sexy back, with the hair and makeup, choosing gorgeous outfits, to having my pictures take by an amazing HYPE girl and seeing the results was Amazing! By far one of favorite days! 

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?

I feel beautiful and like myself again! I’m finally seeing what my husband has seen all along. I’m feeling more confident in my own skin since having my 3 beautiful children. 

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others?

The moment I was added to Michelle’s group I fell in LOVE with her images. I knew some women that had used her and they have so much praise that I knew she was the right woman for the job! I love that her main focus is boudoir and that she knows how to pose her clients the right way to make us all feel sexy! 

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not?

I would 100% recommend! I actually started recommending Michelle even before I had my photos taken and now I have so more friends that have reached out and I hope they book a session. Who wouldn’t want a full day to yourself of pampering and feeling sexy?

Hair & Makeup by Angelique

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