BombShell Boudoir

BombShell Boudoir is located near Louisville, KY! In the heart of LaGrange, KY (which was recently featured on HGTV!!)

It’s been a minute since I have wrote a blog, so here it is!! I love what this gorgeous babe had to say about her session with me! She is a momma to 3 boys (one is less than 6 months old!!) She booked her session with me as a gift, but she also really loved getting a day to be pampered! Here’s what she had to say about her experience.

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?!

Looking at her website and Instagram and seeing the quality of her photos! And I loved her personality when I watched her TikToks! 🙂

Were you nervous about your session? What helped to ease your nerves?
Yes, I am definitely not one of those woman that go naked, in the words of Fifty Shades of Grey, I am VERY Vanilla! 🙂 No PDA for me!! Just knowing that I would look amazing in these photos and know that my husband would flip made my nerves disappear.

What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience?
How can I list a favorite? The whole experience was amazing! But honestly my fav thing was just having a day devoted to me. Making me feel amazing!!

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?
I feel great about my body. My self confidence is so much better and I am ready to do a shoot again!!

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others?
The quality of her photos and different add on options. The way the girls still look so natural and their selves, just BETTER!!

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not?
Absolutely!! It is an awesome experience and I believe every woman should do it at least once in there lifetime!

And now what we have all been waiting for!! Her gorgeous images!!!

Hair & Makeup by @Lindsey Joy Sweeney

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