BombShell Babe- Brittany

Another babe being featured on the blog today!! Let’s hear what she had to say about her BombShell Boudoir experience!!

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! 

I loved seeing all the pictures and they looked amazing. Very interactive with everyone in the group (BombShell’s VIP FB Group) I’m in and made it fun.

Were you nervous about your session? What helped to ease your nerves?

I was a little nervous but the emails telling me what to expect and what I needed helped!

What was your favorite thing about your BombShell boudoir experience?

I loved feeling like it was all about me and being pampered. Michelle always made sure I was comfortable and gave great tips to get the best pictures.

How do you feel now that you have completed your session?

I want to do more sessions! It was so much fun and it made me feel so pretty.

What made you choose BombShell Boudoir by Michelle Lynn Photography?! What made my photography stand out from others? 

The photos that were shared in the group I’m in looked amazing. All the girls who had shoots always talked about how amazing it was. Definitely worth it!

Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Why or Why not? 

Yes! I have already recommended to my friends and family! It was an amazing experience and everyone deserves to experience it!

Hair and Make up by Lindsey Joy Sweeney with Sweet Southern Beauty

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