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Boudoir is More Than Lingerie: A Touching Tribute Through Photography

Boudoir photography is about capturing your unique story and the essence of who you are, and it doesn’t have to be done in lingerie. Recently, a wonderful client brought in a dress that held a special place in her heart. This dress belonged to her grandmother, and they used to play dress-up together when she […]


June 18, 2024

FAQ to a Boudoir Session

Are you ready to step into your confidence and embrace your inner BombShell? I know, the thought of a boudoir session can be a little daunting, but let me assure you, it’s all about celebrating YOU. As I chat with women about their sessions, I often find myself fielding all sorts of questions. So, to […]


March 22, 2024

Why Boudoir Photography

As a photographer, I often get asked why I chose to specialize in boudoir photography. It’s a question that goes beyond mere curiosity—it’s a chance to share the personal journey that led me to this empowering and deeply rewarding niche. For me, boudoir photography isn’t just about capturing sensual images; it’s about celebrating individuality, embracing […]


March 21, 2024

What to Wear the Morning of Your BombShell Boudoir Session.

When you step into our studio, guess what our clients are rocking? Pajamas! Yes, you read that correctly! We encourage you to arrive in comfy, loose-fitting attire that won’t leave any marks on your skin. After all, you’ll be spending about an hour and a half in the hair and makeup chair, so comfort is […]


March 9, 2024

A Spicy Valentine’s Day Gift

Every Valentine’s Day, do you find yourself stuck in the monotony of the same old routine? The familiar script of dinner reservations, roses, chocolates, and exchanging cards might feel like a comfortable tradition, but what if this year, you dared to break free from the ordinary? Imagine adding a dash of excitement and intimacy to […]


January 2, 2024

Unwrapping Confidence: A Showcase of BombShell Boudoir’s Christmas Magic

This year, I wanted to sprinkle a bit of holiday magic into my photography sessions, so I decided to dive into the world of Christmas-themed Boudoir! I aimed for a setup that was both simple and elegant, with just the right touch of sexy. For my main “set,” I kept it delightfully uncomplicated – a […]


December 13, 2023

Jingle Belles: Unwrap the Magic of a Christmas Boudoir Session with Bombshell Boudoir

Step into a world where glamour meets the holidays, and empowerment is wrapped in the magic of Christmas. At Bombshell Boudoir, our lens has captured the enchanting essence of the season, creating a collection of Christmas boudoir photos that are as breathtaking as they are empowering. Join us on a visual journey through the festive […]


December 13, 2023

BombShell Boudoir

Louisville’s Luxury Boudoir Studio Today’s blog is dedicated to a client who booked TWO BombShell Boudoir sessions with me!! In fact, ot is not uncommon for us to have repeat clients! Many of our clients book their next session before they leave the studio!!! And yes… boudoir can be addicting!!!! This client booked her first […]


September 10, 2023

BombShell Babe- Emily

BombShell Boudoir is located near Louisville, Kentucky and specializes in women of all ages and sizes. I offer a luxury experience by providing a high end client closet with over 300 pieces of lingerie, heels, and unique sets that you will not get anywhere else. One of the many reasons I am Kentuckys Premium Boudoir […]


May 21, 2023

Why Clients Choose BombShell Boudoir

Having done a boudoir session for my self, I know that when it comes to searching for the right boudoir photographer, there are so many things to look for and consider. For me, I wanted someone who could pose me (duh!), provided a client closet, and of course- had a style of photography I loved… […]


April 27, 2023